Will the real songwriters please stand up!

We need your songs! If you've been coming to pitch sessions over the last few months and are discouraged because no band has selected your songs, that means you're one band closer to finding the right band. Persistence will get you further in the music business than talent will.

Most people who have been attending seem to agree that this is a very worthwhile activity. After several sessions, I noticed that many of the same people keep coming back week after week. Each session has featured different bands and new opportunities to get your songs out. Congratulations to the members who have had their persistence rewarded by getting bands to perform their songs. Altogether, 67 songs have been placed for consideration with local bands.

I helped with the first round of judging in the song contest this year and I can tell you first hand that there are many great songs in this LASC that were not entered this year. We need those songs NOW!