By Ray Yates

Meetings are held at the Louisville Musician's Union Building, 1436 Bardstown Road, in the rehearsal hall at the rear of the building.

September 6 Critique Session.

Bring your songs, one (1) song per tape and 15 lyric sheets.

September 14 Board Meeting at the home of Tim Lynch.

September 20 - Pitch Session. Call for details.

Pitching Success!

The last three meetings of the LASC were devoted to pitching songs to local bands. The quality and variety of the materials presented at pitch sessions this summer were excellent. The songwriting and demo production of LASC members has dramatically improved in the two years that this writer has been a member. Congratulations are in order for the writers who had songs selected by a band. Most members who attended seemed to agree that this is a very worthwhile activity.

The first session held at the last meeting in July featured original rock, pop and blues tunes. Of the 50 songs presented, bands selected 16. Some of the bands have already worked these into their sets and the songs are being performed.

The next session, on August 2, featured original country music. Of the 55 songs that were pitched, an amazing 22 songs were taken. The last session, on August 16, featured country-rock tunes. Attendance was lower at this meeting. Still, 37 songs were played for the bands and at least 12 songs were selected.

Altogether, 50 songs were placed with local bands. On hand to listen and select songs were members or representatives of da Mudcats, R.U.O.K?, lnfrarednecks, Lefty and the Sneakers, Wayne Young, The Silver Rose Band, Blackhawk, Robbie Morris and the Lonely Roads Band, Denim and Lace, Wlldwood, Next of Kin, Wild Horses and a couple of others to whom I apologize for forgetting their names.

Readers who attended and did not have songs selected should not be discouraged. In the music business you will have to pitch the same song many, many times. The material that someone is looking for today will be different tomorrow and maybe it will be your songs. As in all of life, 90 percent of success starts with just showing up. Be sure to attend the next pitch session in September.

As a member of the Co-op, you're in the company of some of Louisville's best songwriters. And it can't possibly hurt your songwriting it you hang around enough.

Anyone interested in joining the LASC or wanting more information can call me at 502-239-9200 and I will be glad to answer any questions and forward a membership application.