a step backwards, but still good

Mary Queen of Scots (Atlantic)

By Kory Wilcoxson

Oomalama, the last album from Eugenius, was chock full of nonsensical college rock that only lived for the present. It was without burden and fun to listen to.

Mary Queen of Scots, their latest offering, still possesses that bizarre sort of fun, but is a notch below it musically.

Where the songs on Oomalama possessed sounds diverse enough to complement each other, too many of the tracks on Mary are same song, different chord. The rhythm may change and the lyrics might be twisted, but the general approach differs little.

But that doesn't keep it from being a good album. The band knows how to put a song together, no matter what it sounds like. The lyrics are abstract enough to almost make sense and the whole album has an off-the-cuff atmosphere to it.

Mary Queen of Scots is worth a listen, but Eugenius is capable of better. I know; I heard it.