alt-pop contendahs

Rapple Dapple (Sire)
The Greenberry Woods

By Kevin Gibson

The Greenberry Woods might be the best thing to hit Baltimore since Johnny Unitas.

Playing straight-ahead, slightly alternative power pop and rock (in the Gin Blossoms vein), this quartet scores a touchdown with its new release, Rapple Dapple.

This is a collection of 14 live and love songs that never disappoint. All are collaborations of three or more band members, and an all-for-one attitude shines through with this bunch. This is not a one-man operation by any means.

Brothers Matt and Brandt Huseman appear to be the driving force here, but rhythm guitarist Ira Katz co-writes all but one of the cuts and drummer Miles Rosen provides ample backbeat. Matt (vocals, lead guitar) and Brandt (bass, vocals) shine in leading the Woods through a series of experiences in song that leave the listener feeling sometimes happy and sometimes sad, sometimes discouraged and sometimes inspired.

The band wins big with "The Sympathy Song," "Hold On," "More and More," "#37 (Feels So Strange)," and "I'll Send a Message."

Buy into this team. Baltimore hesitated once, and look what happened to the Colts.