food for heart, mind and ears

Are You Hungry For Music?: Harvest Showcase 1993
Various Artists

By Kory Wilcoxson

If you're looking for a barometer to judge the strength of the Louisville music scene, look no further than this muscular fund-raiser that shows off the best of what the River City has to offer.

Sometimes albums with causes tend to have a amateurish feel. But this gem, whose proceeds go to buy food for the hungry, is top notch.

Throw a dart at the list of groups on this disc and you'll more than likely hit a cool tune. My personal favorites were the R.E.M.-ish tint of Rabbit Manor's "Once Blue Sky," the crisp, punchy "Stay" by Candy Says and Warren Ray's delightful "Starvin'."

But ten different people could each pick a different favorite. Some might go for the intense crunch of the Stick People or the cool energy of the rain chorus.

Purchasing Are You Hungry for Music? can only give the listener a win-win opportunity to help out some folks in need and get a juicy sampling of some of the best local music around.