Meeting News

By Paul Moffett

The first meeting in March, on the 7th, was a critique session. The list of songs critiqued was not available at press time.

The March 21 meeting was a jam-packed session. Besides being the designated LASC birthday, Michael Boehnlein presented the first of a series of songwriting lessons, and an old friend, Karen Le Van, showed up with Nashville producer Donnie Sanders. Then there was the pickin' session.

Jean Metcalfe arranged for, picked up and served the traditional LASC logo-emblazoned sheet cake and coffee. The LASC marked its eighth anniversary on March 19. Thanks, Jean.

Michael Boehnlein's presentation covered some basics, describing the parts of a song and walking the group through some exercises. He will present an additional session on the second meeting of each month for the next seven months.

Producer Sanders offered up a few impromptu remarks about the music business and about his twenty-one years in Nashville. A self-described producer-for-hire, Sanders is currently promoting his son to RCA as a country artist. He is also looking for positive, uptempo country and gospel songs.

The Songwriter's Circle that followed was an impromptu pitching session as well, by virtue of Sanders' presence. Longtime friend and songwriter Bill Ede made an appearance and was persuaded to play a few of his better-known tunes, while most of the other writers offered up one or two tunes.

Upcoming Meetings

The next meeting, set for April 4, will be a critique session. Bring one or two tunes on tape, one per tape, with a dozen or fifteen copies of the lyrics.

The second meeting in April, on the 18th, will feature the second of Michael Boehnlein's songwriting workshops, plus a visit from Steve Eng, Nashville songwriter and author (Porter Wagoner, A Satisfied Mind). Eng will perform in the Songwriter's Circle, a guitar pull that will follow the meeting.

Bring your instruments.