Letters to the Editor . . .

Looney Wails talk back.

I wanted to correct and clarify some of the things that Darrell Ray Elmore wrote about ... The Looney Wails.

1. At [LMN Editor] Jean Metcalfe's ... request a call was placed to Phoenix Hill Tavern asking for DRE and a guest to be put on the band's guest list.

2. Our bio does state "people are always asking TLW "How did you guys take a virtually left for dead music form like rock & roll and make it a vital and fresh new sound? . . . Then they ask us if we can play some R.E.M." This was intended as a joke, not an arrogant statement by a band member.

3. Indeed, I did mis-hear Mr. Elmore's sarcastic comment, "Smooth move, forgetting (or was it for getting?) to put me on the list, to which I replied, "Sure man, no problem."

4. The actual source of the effects DRE heard wasn't the guitar, but the drums, which were dramatically altered (read "screwed up") with digital delay on the hi-hat/snare mic and severe gating on the other drums. As for the guitarist "relying a little too much on his effects pedals," Mr. Elmore is also not right. In this day and age of digital rack-mount over-processing, we feel the sparse set-up of a tube amp, wah pedal and a tuner is quite refreshing.

I guess if DRE had reviewed a Jimi Hendrix concert he'd probably say the same thing. He also might say that "he couldn't keep his guitar in tune."

If wish that if Mr. Elmore insists on pursuing a music journalism career he would drop the H.S. Thompson-like "Gonzo" schtick, close his eyes and let his ears hear.

Then he might be more inclined to become the writer he deserves to be.

Thank you.

Tim Conaway

The Looney Wails

Louisville, KY 40206