Tommy Miller Rejoins R.U.O.K?

By Paul Moffett

Jerry Roubieu says that after a couple of years, personal differences get to be water under the bridge, so former R.U.O.K? lead singer Tommy Miller has returned to the band.

The result?

The band is packing them in again.

"Tommy has his own style of singing and puts out a lot of energy as a frontman," added Roubieu, who is not exactly noted for his calm demeanor onstage.

Miller sang with the band until two years ago, when the aforementioned interpersonal problems sent him away. But now, everyone seems to be happy with his return.

"Everybody's getting along onstage now," Roubieu remarked. "We're doing some original tunes, some college rock and loads and loads and loads of classic rock."

The current configuration of the band is Miller on vocals, Jerry Roubieu handling keyboards, Hank Sinatra on bass, Joe Shaw on guitar, and Tony Snell, drums. Kirk Stevens occasionally sits in on vocals.

Roubieu mentioned that soundman Steve Larkins in particular should be noted.

"He sweats the most and never gets a mention," he said.

Asked for a final comment, Roubieu asked all the old R.U.O.K? fans to come out, see the new old group and dance like it was 1989.

"Or 1949. Or whatever. Just come out," he laughed.

Watch for R.U.O.K? at the Golden Nugget soon.

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