Photo by Rich Mattingly

Drummers Night Out

By Paul Turner

Several drummers were able to take the night off recently to gather at the Union Hall to catch up on all sorts of "drummer buzz." A good mix of ages as well as styles was represented.

Schedule conflicts kept away many who were at a similar drummer gathering two years ago. The most notable vacancy was that of John Roy who was convelascing at home following surgery. In his absence, all who were in attendance signed a BIG get well card for "His Royal Drumming Highness."

Dave Marasco got lucky and won a Sabian cymbal case, while Tony Royster won a stick depot that probably glows in the dark! Congrats to both.

Following the time at the hall, many of the drummers followed Max Maxwell to Dutch's (appropriately entitled "Open Rollers Night") and stirred things up a bit.

Was it decided that we would continue to make more noise than anyone else -- on- or offstage. (I don't remember.)