Celtic-flavored B-52s?

Trouble Down South (Austin Throwdown)

The Horsies

By Kevin Gibson

The Horsies don't mess around. Their new CD release, Trouble Down South, kicks off with what can be considered The Horsies Theme Song, an introduction that basically tells us that the band isn't interested in being rock stars. They just want to play their music and live life.

You have to admire their spunk.

Otherwise, the music ranges from folk to new wave to . . . other things. It's just Horsie music.

This six-person band from Austin, Texas, uses clarinets, accordions and even penny whistles to construct their unique sound, which can range at times from happy-go-lucky (bordering on silly) to dreamy.

The songs are all separate, unique creatures in themselves, from "Cows"("We're gonna get some cows free/Gonna start a revolution. . ."), to "Super Slurpee" ("Cold water/Ice crystals/Sweet syrup/Round and round . . . in a Super Big Gulp Cup!").

The Horsies at times resemble a sort of Celtic-influenced B-52s. Sound strange? Well, it is, but it's also original and entertaining.

Let's face it, how can you go wrong with a band that uses accordions and sings about cow revolutions and junk food?