Songwriter Profile of the Month: Jack Roberts

By Mike Boehnlein

With Songwriting Competition '94 just around the corner, can you imagine what it would be like to be a Grand Prize winner?

Meet Jack Roberts, winner of the LASC's 1989 songwriting contest. He knows firsthand the thrill of having his songwriting efforts recognized, not to mention the monetary reward that comes with it. His song "Limestone Church" is well deserving of this top honor.

Jack Roberts at home, with a picture of the 'Lonseome Church' behind him

Jack has a wife, Patricia, and three children: Marie, 22, Cynthia, 19, and Keith, 14.

Now don't think for a minute that songwriting and family are Jack's only achievements.

Once a radio announcer, real estate broker, insurance representative and program chairman for Ivy Tech, he is now a tutor, teacher, grandpa and LASC board member. But not necessarily in that order. You might say he's the real "Jack of All Trades." (Sorry, Jack, I couldn't let that one slip by.)

With all kidding aside, Jack's participation on the Board has brought a significant impact by way of his suggestions and creative input. With his commitment to help others, it is good to have Jack on the team.


The Limestone Church (inset) looms large in Jack Roberts' background.