true country and tender folk

Like a Child (self-produced)

Marie Augustine

By Kevin Gibson

Marie Augustine is one of those undiscovered talents that seems just a breath or two away from writing that perfect lyric or coming up with that perfect arrangement.

Like a Child is a collection of eight thoughtful, passionate songs of childhood, memories and love, each of which shines its own light.

The first seven, including the leadoff "Children in the Rain," were penned by Augistine, with a cover of Johnny Cash's "Railroad Blues" rounding out the collection.

Augustine's acoustic approach to her folk and country tunes remains consistent but never predictable. "Smorgasbord," for instance, is a country song in the truest sense of the word (no Billy Ray Cyrus sound going on here).

Meanwhile, "Westbound 42," and "Ode to a Child's Love" are folk ballads tender enough to bring a tear to any eye.

How available this collection will be is a question mark, but if you ask around at your better independently-owned music stores, it should be attainable. If you like sentimental folk music, it will be worth the extra couple of blocks you'll have to drive.