Wulfe Bros. on July 4

By Jean Metcalfe

Hotter than the Fourth of July. That's what it was on the Belle of Louisville on July 4. And I wasn't playing drums.

Paul Cunningham. Photo by Jean Metcalfe

But Jeff Jarboe was.

And since it is claimed that most of one's body heat is generated by movement of the arms, Jarboe must've been as hot as a firecracker on this holiday evening. 'Course his two Wulfe Bros. bandmates, Rod Wurtele on keys and Paul Cunningham on bass, were also putting out plenty of energy on the Belle's stage. Small children sat on the dance floor and interacted enthusiastically as the trio presented "Reflections of the American Spirit."

Despite the heat, the Wulfe Bros. gave a spirited performance of their tribute to members of the armed forces. Wearing appropriate costumes of red, white and blue, they exemplified the spirit of the day in a performance that did not glorify war but rather promoted partiotism in an entertaining way.

The 7-9 p.m. Belle cruise was the warm-up act -- literally -- for the fireworks display that took center stage in the Ohio River at dusk.