sparse folk, heartfelt singing.

Enough To Go On (SW2)
Sharlee Davis and Will Devitt

By Kory Wilcoxson

This folk duo, which hails from Bloomington, has perceptive songwriting ability and conveys their emotions well in the heartfelt singing.

The arrangements are sparse, with Davis and Devitt's guitars occasionally joined by bass, drums and fiddle. The simplicity adds to the beauty of songs such as "Cold Garden Grave" and "You Awa."

The group shows pep on "Difficult Geography," a song perfectly suited to Will Devitt's voice. Davis gets a little uppity on "Smell of Rejection," and the two join together on the saddening, poignant "Sometimes I Don't Know (Sarajevo)," which was inspired by an interview with a Sarajevo resident and is dedicated to the victims of war everywhere.

Davis and Devitt have a nice chemistry working for them and their songs are the appealing by-products of their collaboration.