versatility + good material = commercial viability

Living Room Scene (Mammoth Records)
Dillon Fence

By Kory Wilcoxson

Dillon Fence comes at you from several different directions with a sound that epitomizes what is good about a college rock band.

There's plenty of good material here to mine. The first song, "Living Room Scene," is crisp, thanks to guitarist Kent Alphin's hardy riffs and Greg Humphreys' sincere singing.

Other songs deliver the same qualities: "Queen of the In-Between" has a dreamy hook harmony and "Turnstiles" cuts back the intensity a notch without losing anything musically. They're a good example of the capabilities of the band.

If you can forgive a few throwaway tracks, it's not impossible to imagine Dillon Fence appealing to a nationwide audience. Their versatility should show them the way.