Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

By Duncan Barlow

January — a whole new 365 days to rock. Or at least to make a noble attempt at rocking. With the first month of '94 just over, let's catch up on what's been happening.

The first band that comes to my mind when I say new is Tempt. This is a new, highly political band that bases its existence on controversial lyrics and crust punk music. I predict that within the next few months this band will have gathered quite a little following.

Guilt has re-formed in its original lineup to record a record, and possibly begin playing out again.

Erchint has recruited B.J. Payne to sing for the group and has been playing out lately to break him in.

Blank recorded a demo and is planning on selling at cost to give themselves some exposure. They are a very young, but very talented band. If they keep up their work they will have no problem in this music scene.

The Endpoint record has been delayed; Doghouse has broken away from Cargo, so the After Taste LP will be released totally independently. The release date has been moved back to April 1.

Sancred played a reunion show, but many of the crowd who came to the sold-out show were forced to leave when a neighbor's window was shot out with a pellet gun.

Enkindel has been working on a lot of new material lately; apparently they had a very good response to their last single and are ready to record again.

Falling Forward has been playing out of town a lot recently, supporting their release on Nobel Recordings. They have agreed to release a single on Initial Records this spring. Initial now supports Guilt and Falling Forward.

Evergreen is now playing with punk rock veteran Britt Walford, and many rumors have it that they have been talking with Touch and Go about recording, but that is just hearsay. Avail is planning on playing in Louisville soon, and it may be with Endpoint, so keep your eyes peeled.

LG&E released their demo tracks.

I need to apologize to the band Prozax, who mailed me a demo. The song entitled "A Tribute to Rob Pennington" was not a song poking fun at Rob. I hope you will forgive my misinterpretation; it is hard to decipher punk lyrics with no lyric sheet.

Sunspring is still trying out drummers, so if you like Sunspring, you can drum and you are old enough to tour, give them a call.

Lather released a CD on Self Destruct. The music was recorded at Mom's studio and was mixed by Howie Gano. The mix is very smooth, as is the packaging.

The shows in Louisville have grown smaller due to the lack of space that Tewligans provides, but, after all, we are lucky that Larry lets us have shows there anyway.

Well that's it for this month. Thanks.