Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

Songwriters, put on your best face for your first and lasting impression on music publishers when you pitch your songs.

Blank cassette tapes come in poor and high quality and from 10 minutes to 90 minutes in time length. When possible, use the chrome tape for basic demos. It does not gum up the player heads like most over-the-counter normal bias cassettes. The player is less likely to "eat" or unravel the tape. Music professionals prefer playing high-quality tape in their expensive equipment.

Use the 10-minute cassettes (5 minutes on each side) for duplicating single songs and 20-minute for two or three songs (all on one side) for publishers.

High-quality blank cassette tapes can be purchased for less than a dollar each at some Louisville and Nashville duplicating outlets. Most department stores do not carry cassettes of less than 60 minutes. When sending cassettes through the mail, savings are often doubled in postage expenses since the weight is much less with the 10- and 20-minute length tapes.

Saving money is one thing; looking and sounding good is another. It's not too often that you can get all three in one package.