Jazz Week '94

It's Feb. 14 and you're looking for a way to impress your Valentine?

Forget the heart-shaped red satin valentine with the $25 price tag and the paltry selection of caries-inducing chocolates. The University of Louisville School of Music has joined forces with the Louisville Jazz Society, Southern Arts Federation, Yamaha, Mom's Music and others to present Jazz Week '94 — six days of jazz concerts that Russell Stover can't hold a sugar-coated almond to. Most are for free, and $7 buys the top ticket. Jazz clinics are also on the schedule.

Jazz Week '94 takes place Feb. 14-19 at various UofL campus locations, where jazz students and acclaimed faculty members will showcase their vast wealth of talent.

Don't have a valentine to impress? Then you'll definitely want to check out the UofL music school's offerings. Dan Cupid just might lead you to a kindred spirit with which to make beautiful music.

For more detailed information about the many, many events during Jazz Week '94, call 502-852-6907.