Local Releases

D.V. Gilbert I'm On Fire

StarWays Productions.

Format: cassette.

Availability: Hawley-Cooke Booksellers, Shelbyville Rd.; ear X-tacy; Four Seasons Records; Busy Bee Mkt., Bardstown; Mr. T's Antiques, Bardstown; Consignment Gallery, Bardstown; High Grove Mkt., High Grove.

Information: 502-348-9505; 502-349-6074.

Image Anything for You

Format: cassingle.

Availability: Disc Jockey Records, Galleria; Movies Plus, Lyles Mall; Avitar Records, Radcliff; Disc Jockey, Elizabethtown Mall.

Information: 502-351-0562; 502-495-6162.

Stick People All About Eve

Format: cassette, CD.

Availability: Better Days Records, Camelot Super Stores, ear X-tacy.

Information: 502-897-8792 (days); 812-951-3555 (evenings).

Zen Penguin nothing more, nothing less

Format: cassette.

Availability: Zen Penguin performances.

Information: 502-423-9195.

The following is a non-local release that has local connections; Louisville native Alan Rhody is one of the artists. Thought our readers would want to know about it.

5 Artist/Songwriters
double xx posed

Headless Horseman Music.

Format: CD, cassette.

Availability: ear X-tacy, Four Seasons Records, Louisville; Tower Records, Nashville; live shows, museums, galleries; or send $18 (CD), $13 (cassette), to: Alan Rhody, P.O. Box 121231, Nashville, TN 37212.


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