Newsical Notes

Congratulations to Kim Person and Lana Puckett who won first place in the country category in the 1993 Austin (Texas) Songwriters Group Songwriting Competition.

I heard some excellent gospel songs by this songwriting team in the critique session conducted by Sher Powers of Sonlite Records during our November Hit Makers '93. And they also were finalists in LASC's Songwriting Competition '93.

Congratulations also to Diana Black on having the good sense to move to Florida where they do not have crippling 16" snowfalls her cartoon "Writer's Block" published in the Fall 1993 issue of the NSAI's Leadsheet. I'm sure the clever strip is one that all songwriters can identify with, and that it will be a continuing feature of the publication.

Diana, besides having served (and served well) as LASC secretary, Hit Makers seminar chair, membership chair, etc., is, of course, the creator of the acclaimed "The Beet Goes On," which has been running for quite some time in the Louisville Music News. In a recent note, Diana said she was "pretty excited" about the strip. And well she should be.

Way to go, Diana!