The War Hippies

By Paul Moffett

The Summer of Love didn't produce too much that has lasted, aside from the music and the memories – and the word "hippie." There was also another word much tossed around then, with far less pleasant connotations – war. Put 'em together and you get the War Hippies, a Louisville band that recently underwent a personnel shake-up.

Guitarist Jeff McNichol talked about the changes in the band during a recent interview. The group has added Pat Watson, formerly with Tempus Fugit, as all-around utility player. Remaining with the War Hippies are the Brothers brothers, Tim and Andy on bass and drums, respectively.

The former lead singer is now in Arizona, living with a girlfriend. McNichol declined to elaborate on the reasons for his departure.

The War Hippies will continue right along with their college rock covers, with some R&B tunes, particularly material from the Rolling Stones and Jethro Tull, added to the mix. Watson's previous band was heavy on R&B.

The group had cut six tunes with the previous singer, but those cuts will be scrapped.

"Those songs were written for a different singer," McNichol said. "I'm sure that I haven't written my best stuff yet." Plans are for new material to be written once Watson has been blended into the band.

"There might be a silver lining" as a result of the changes, he remarked.

McNichol concluded by saying that he "appreciated the support of Louisville's fans" and encouraged everyone to come out and see the new lineup.

The War Hippies will appear at the Golden Nugget on February 24 through 26.

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