The RRote Awards Show

By Paul Moffett

The winners at the first RRote Awards Show at Coyote's were happy to collect their trophies and checks. The male presenters were happy to shed their tuxedos — or so they said.

The japes were nearly at the high school level for most of the entertainment types lined up to hand out the awards. Many of the men had not had on a tuxedo since their prom, if at all.

Relapses into adolescence aside, the tuxedos were a clear sign that the RRote Awards show was to be as slick as possible. For a first effort, the show went off very well.

The big winner in the rock category was the Velcro Pygmies. Kenny Vaughn racked up in the country category.

Vaughn's video, "Truck Stops & Pretty Girls," won for Best Technical Achievement and Best Video. He won $1,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to Nashville to visit the record company boys on 16th Avenue.

The Pygs "We Ain't From Athens" collected the trophy for Best Performance or Theatrics, the People's Choice Award and Best Video, which earned them $1,000 and an all-expenses-paid trip to New York to meet with record label reps.

The other winners:


Best Concept or Storyline – "Living Out a Dream," Jerry Richards; Best Home-Grown Video – "Static," Johnie Pierce and the Dawnbreakers; Best Performance or Theatrics – "Swingin' Doors," Karen Kraft; Best Song – "Living Out a Dream," Jerrry Richards; People's Choice Awards – "Swingin' Doors," Karen Kraft.


Best Concept or Storyline – "I Drive the Hearse," Dancin' with Manson; Best Home-Grown Video – "Sack of Corn," Joe's Report; Best Technical Achievement – "Intention," Nuvo; Best Song – "Intention," Nuvo.