Real deal folk rock

One Voice (Billy Hanks)
Will Cary

By Kory Wilcoxson

One Voice is a treasure chest of songs, one that subtly demands to be opened repeatedly to let its wonderful contents out.

The best thing about Will Cary is the lack of anything spectacular. No gimmicks, no cutesy lyrics, no trickery — just mature, strong music.

Cary's lyrics deeply touch the basic human emotions with a simplistic yet knowing style. On "Peace of Mind" he sings, "What can I say, what can I do?/ to make a difference in this world/So many people caught in a trap/They're looking for something you can't find on a map."

All the songs on One Voice display a sense of wizened maturity and tell the stories of someone who has seen all shades of life and knows where to look for the rainbow.

Slip this album on like a favorite shirt and you'll see how comfortable it feels. I listened 10 times straight and would be happy to do it again. The songs flip-fop between folk and rock with a little edge thrown in every once in awhile to keep your attention.

"Couldn't Love You More" and "One Voice" almost reek of sincerity and Cary has no trouble convincing listeners he's not just singing from the mouth but from the heart.