Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

Belated Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Hare Rama and all of that holiday stuff. This season is usually slow for the all-ages scene, so I'll go through what little reviews I have.

Prozax has just put out a demo on Grubby Records; I won't review it in this article because there is not a lyric sheet. I do have a question about the song called "A Tribute to Rob Penington." First off, the correct spelling would be Pennington. Is this song supposed to be a negative comment on Rob Pennington? Because I feel that it would be highly unfair to attack a person without speaking to them first.

Rob Pennington is a wonderful person who has spent the last eight years of his life trying to build something positive that people could believe in. If there is something wrong with that, then I got into punk rock for all of the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, Prozax has released a demo and is looking for some shows.

Guilt is auditioning vocalists; it turns out that I just did not have time to sing.

Lather played a final show at Uncle Pleasant's and if you ask me it was their best show ever. Sunspring is back! John Smith is playing drums for them now. Yeah, Sunspring! Rodan is home; I sure am glad that they are safe.

Eleven-11 is gearing up to record at D.S.L. Studios; that should be interesting to hear. Slam-Dek just released a Rick Springfield seven inch. On this seven inch Endpoint covers "Jessie's Girl" and Sunspring does "Love Somebody." The two Endpoint shows went incredibly.

Maybe the small club, Tewligans, added the needed punk atmosphere. The speakers went over well and the booths of merchandise had successful nights.

I would like to thank Louisville for their support of local bands.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful new year.