Country Style
By Jan Winders

Hello everyone!

While sitting at my desk I can look back at 1993 and rekindle some friendships and some wonderful times in country music. It has been a lot of fun.

The holidays have come to an end and it's time to make those New Year's resolutions. I don't make them because I don't keep them.

One of the more popular resolutions is losing weight and exercising. Get some of your friends together and form a "Country Club" (exercising with country music). Take turns having it in each other's home. It's always more fun to exercise and compete (losing those pounds) with someone.

I can tell you the band to watch grow right now is Free Spirit Band. Word has it that they are doing a few things with a record company right now. I'll keep you posted on their progress. They remind me so much of the Beach Boys.

The Coyoze's Country CD party was a blast and very successful. These CDs are selling. Don't forget to buy one and get the guys and gals to sign it. They might be stars one day. It amazes me how much talent Music City North (Louisville) really does have.

Charlie Walls did one fine job on this project. (Go ahead and gloat, Charlie.) Congratulations are in order for WAMZ jock Dan Robinson and his cute little wife Gina. They are expecting a new baby in April of '94. Dan says, "1994 will be a big year for me and my wife." He is also taking Bobby Jack's place on WAMZ, while Bobby Jack will be filling the big shoes of Dickie Braun. Night Train Lane will be replacing Dan at night. Good luck, guys! Dan's wife works nights, sol would be expecting him to be doing a lot of babysitting and changing a few diapers.

I guess 1994 will be a new beginning for a lot of people.

Word is out that some drastic changes are taking place on the morning and evening video shows on TNN. Stay tuned for more details.

Watch the Country Music Scene Show in January on TKR Channel 10, Tuesdays at 7 p.m. Surprise, surprise! It's a talk show on country music, with special guests invited to come on the show to give you more input into what's happening in the music business. The show is hosted by Susie Harper and myself and will be produced by Byron Pendleton; Gail is the music director. Every one of these talented people except myself play in the group Heartwood. The show will be just a lot of interesting facts and stories that we want the viewers to know. I don't sing but Susie does. She has a beautiful voice.

Make this the year you learn two-steppin '. A lot of people can't get out through the week so Horsefeathers is having dance lessons on Saturday afternoons. What a perfect time. Call 456-4411.

Thanks goes out to all the people with warm hearts who did something special for people in need during the holidays.

If there's anyone who would like information about a special entertainer, write me at 7326 Supremus Dr., Louisville ,KY 40214.

I want to hear from you.