don't look at it, just eat it

Lester Square (DB Recs)
The Ottoman Empire

By Kevin Gibson

Coming from Atlanta, Ga., The Ottoman Empire probably had every right to try sounding like R.E.M., Pylon, or Drivin'-N-Cryin' . After all, Athens is just down the road.

This seven-piece band, however, found its own recipe and guess what? It works.

From the lead-off "Do You Know What I Like?" The Ottoman Empire serves up one thoughtful, provocative folk song after another.

To the folk sound — complete with violin and accordion at times — the band adds dashes of pop/rock energy, pinches of ethnic music and spoonfuls of wordplay and humor to provide the listener with something that is never boring.

Perhaps the best thing about the 13-track Lester Square is that each flavorful song whets the listener's appetite with the story line and the suspense of what will become of the character(s) within.

The lead cut is easily one of the tastiest, along with the delicious "This Is It," "Torremolinos," "Elizabeth," and "Flower Shop."

ls it just me, or is anyone else hungry too?