This Road Of Music
By Alan Rhody

Happy 1994. everybody! Hope you had a great 1993 and are looking forward to this exciting new year ahead.

For those of you who don't know, I am also a painter and printmaker. I was recently invited to be part of a unique project called double XX posed. It's a new release of the music (and a little art) of four nationally known visual artists who are also songwriters and myself, known primarily for my songwriting, but also a visual artist.

This first-of-its-kind package was released December 15 and is available on CD and cassette. The other four artists are: Tom Wesselmann, a world-famous pop artist who now has a retrospective exhibition touring the museums of Japan; Fritz Scholder, widely acclaimed painter, sculptor, printmaker; Kansas City clay builder Jim Leedy; and sculptor John Heric, who conceived the project. New York is home for Wessehnann, while Scholder and Heric call Arizona their base of operations, Scottsdale and Tucson, respectively.

Wesselmann has three very country songs in the collection, including the revengeful "Let Someone Hurt Her Once for Me." Scholder's two pieces by contrast are dark poems spoken over very intriguing synthesizer music. Leedy's left-field solo style is rough, but ready. His "Hot Shot" is the tale of a hobo's misguided train ride, which leaves someone without their head before it's all over. Country-rocker Heric's two tunes are poetic and punchy. Though heavy Dylan influence is apparent, Heric pulls off his own sound and way with words in a great, loose fashion.

I was asked to contribute two songs and chose "Merci Beaucoup," my homage to the impressionist movement in painting and "New Maria," a musical comment on illegal alien abuse.

Double XX posed shows another side of each artist, be it music or art. The CD booklet includes a visual of or by each artist as well as lyrics to the compositions. We hope it will prove to be a pioneering effort for future multi-audience packages of the same type. I am honored and excited to be included on it with these four distinguished gentlemen.

I'd like to thank John Hadley of Norman, Okla., for putting me in touch with John Heric, which led to my participation.

Double XX posed is available in Louisville at Four Seasons Records and both ear X-tacy stores. (see ad in December issue of Louisville Music News). In Nashville, look for it at Tower Records or from any of the five artists directly. To order by mail, send $18 (U.S.) for CDs and $13 (U.S.) for cassettes to: "double XX posed," P.O. Box l2123l, Nashville, TN 37212. I'l1 also have them at my shows.

Next month——tales from the Flora-Bamal Be there! Adios. '

Alan Rhody is an award-winning songwriter and touring performer and is available for concerts and songwriting workshops and seminars. Inquiries: the above address.