thick, burnt, guitar soup

Circa Now (lnterscope)
Rocket from the Crypt

By Kory Wilcoxson

Circa Now begins with a menacing whine of feedback that rips into the crunching, stalking guitar hook of "Short Lip Fuser." That sets the tone for what to expect from Rocket from the Crypt.

Rocket's only speed is dead-ahead fast and they push the speedometer to the red zone for every track. "Hippy Hippy Do" and "Killy Kill" will leave scorch marks on your speakers as the music comes fast, furious and loud. The singer's voice sounds strained and weak from just trying to keep up.

The problem with Rocket is their music tends to meld together until the individual songs become indistinguishable, leaving the listener to deal with the thick soup of noise rattling around in their head.