grunge sprouts across the Atlantic

Thirteen (Geffen)
Teenage Fanclub

By Kevin Gibson

Teenage Fanclub isn't your average Seattle grunge band. Of course, they're from England, so . . . . '

Let me start again.

Teenage Fanclub's latest release, Thirteen, defies classification but resembles many things – Seattle grunge, metal, punk, British Invasion.

Yes, British Invasion. Vocal arrangements are harmonic and smooth and decidedly McCartney-Lennonish. Meanwhile, the guitar riffs are as grungy as grunge gets.

This may not mean much to many of you, but Teenage Fanclub bears a close resemblance to Seattle's Young Fresh Fellows. The harmonies are similar and the insightful, often humorous lyrics are eerily like those penned by the Fellows' Scott McCaughey.

While many of the cuts are about the standard things such as love, each takes a different road through the subject. Topping the list are "Cabbage," "Norman 3," and "Radio," while the single "Hang On" drags a bit and doesn't have the spark many of the others possess.

I'm a satisfied customer, but I got mine for five bucks. You decide.