Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits

By Paul Moffett

If you've been wondering lately whatever happened to Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits, wonder no more. LMN roused Thumper bassist Rynn Snyder late one morning recently and asked him to fill in LMN readers on the doings of the Rabbits.

The Lexington-based group has been undergoing changes, said Snyder, driven by the omnipresent "artistic differences." The line-up has settled down and the Plaid Rabbits are planning to return to Louisville soon.

The new line-up includes Snyder on bass, former Mission to Mars member Lee McKnight covering lead vocals and guitar, Brian Morgan from Lexington's Sam I Am on drums and Will King, guitar.

Asked to assign the dreaded musical label, Snyder settled on Alternative Classic College rock.

"We're playing more Pearl Jam and Screaming Trees," Snyder mused, "but it's still mostly classic rock."

He laughed that the group had begun to practice more, with help from drummer Morgan, who is working on a degree in percussion from UK.

The group has been working on original material, but they will play the originals under a different band name.

Asked for a statement for loyal Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits fans, Snyder urged the faithful and the curious to come see the new line up.

"It's definitely not boring," he said.

Thumper and the Plaid Rabbits will likely play at the Golden Nugget in the Spring.

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