Drugstore Cowboy

By Paul Moffett

They're new in town. They have an eleven-tune CD called All Smiles, No Pain. They've just graduated from Western Kentucky University and moved into an apartment in Louisville to pursue a music career.

They're Drugstore Cowboy and they're trying to get a handle on "Louisville bar politics" while dealing with the more mundane matters of living in a new apartment.

"We just got furniture. We're really excited about that," said Scott Van Houten, drummer for the group. "We've been living in this apartment for two weeks without any furniture."

The other members of Drugstore Cowboy are Michael Travis, vocals, Dan Monarch, guitar, and Michael Lanigan, bass. Lanigan has just joined the group.

Originally from Bowling Green, the trio of Van Houten, Travis and Monarch have played together for two-and-a-half years as Drugstore Cowboy and, before that, as Rumblefish.

"We play more original material than most cover bands," said Van Houton. They cover tunes from such current bands as Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction and Temple of the Dogs, mixing in material from the Stones, Neil Young and U2.

In addition to the material from their CD, the group also has been writing with their new bassist. Currently, they've worked up five new originals.

Van Houton claimed the band had a good following at Western, but now they have to build a new following in Louisville. With bookings at the Golden Nugget as a starter and their CD available at ear X-tacy, they have a leg up on many college rock bands.

"Come see us," Van Houton says.

Drugstore Cowboy will be playing at the Golden Nugget on July 7.