they're baaaack

Sail Away (Zoo)
Great White

By Kory Wilcoxson

I can't figure out the reason for Great White's scanty packaging of Sail Away. The CD comes in a flimsy piece of cardboard with a cheesy picture and the song titles. No liner notes, no thank you's, no inclusion of minor details like who WROTE THE SONGS.

I guess it is supposed to match the new image of the band. Gone are the conspicuous consumption days of Once Bitten...Twice Shy, back when Great White, Poison and Cinderella were all the same band singing different songs.

Things have toned down considerably, both in the band's appearance and the sheer volume. Great White has decided that the only way for them to make a comeback is to abandon everything that made them famous in the first place.

That means searing guitar riffs are replaced by a piano overture and tear-jerking opener, "Mother's Eyes." In fact, half of the 10 songs are ballads, showing Great White's long overlooked softer, more sensitive side.

Their glamour rock past still haunts them in places, like the lyrics to "All Right" ("It's gonna be all right, uh huh"), which just goes to show you can take the band away from the cliches, but you can't take the cliches out of the band. But give them credit for attempting to change; they've done worse.