pop on a grand scale

The History of God and Man (Broken)
Paul Aldrich

By Kory Wilcoxson

The History of God and Man is just that -- an 18-song retrospective that starts with "In the Beginning" and looks at man and religion throughout history.

But don't get the idea that this is Charlton Heston reading "The Bible." Anything seen through the eyes of Paul Aldrich will come out looking slightly off-kilter and no doubt a good deal funnier.

History is a mix of songs and comedy monologues, all poking a little good-natured fun at The Big Guy and man's worshipping of Him.

Take for example "The Modern Church Historical," a history of the development of the church sung to a Gilbert and Sullivan tune. Or "Radio Kum Ba Jah," where the timeless hymn is sung to the tune of dozens of songs, including "Achy Breaky Heart" and "Purple Haze."

Not all of Aldrich's puns hit the mark, but considering the scope of his subject, he deserves a little leniency.