trans-Atlantic impressiveness

Spew (Atlantic)
various artists

By Kevin Gibson

Until I heard this disc, I hadn't realized just how many good bands Atlantic Recording Corp. had signed recently. Spew features 18 songs from 18 different bands, and to be honest, there really isn't a bad one in the bunch.

For you alternative and grunge lovers, you'll find Yo La Tengo's "From a Motel 6," the Charlatans offer "Can't Get Out of Bed," Jawbox serves up "Savory," and Eugenius provides this reviewer's personal favorite in "Blue Above the Rooftops."

If it's hardcore you crave, here are Unsane, Godspeed, Rust and King Missile.

Give Atlantic credit. Many different flavors and textures are available on this buffet of modern music, and they are all on one plate for the sampling.

What a deal. For the cost of one CD, you can get all this, 63-plus minutes of music. Of course, when you start buying the discs of all the bands you discover you like, it runs into a lot more money.

I guess that's the point of Atlantic's sampler, though, isn't it?