Phoenix Hill Tavern Opens Deck Bar

By Paul Moffett

The Deck, which has been open since Derby Week, is merely the latest extension of the Phoenix, which has grown steadily since its beginning in what is now the Taproom. With entrances at either end, one into the game arcade, the other into the rear entrance of the Saloon, close by the stairs rising to the Roof Garden, the number of possible paths through the club is accordingly increased. The result is that patrons, once in the club, are likely to stay longer, wander more and, of course, spend more money.

Paralleling the rest of the club, the Deck has a very long covered bar, table seating under umbrellas and music, both recorded and live. A deejay plays recorded music when Dem Reggae Bon is not holding forth on weekends.

The Deck Bar at Phoenix Hill Tavern. Photo by Paul Moffett

There is also a mobile barbecue grill which is currently cooking hot dogs, brats and corn in the husk, according to manager Courtland Rose.

Rose told a story of learning about the hazards of barbecuing on the grill.

"We had an outdoor event in the driveway [where the deck bar is now located], with a canopy over it all," he said. "I fired up the grill to start barbecuing, forgetting about the cover.

"The smoke stayed right under the canopy and cleared everybody out," he finished, chuckling at the memory.

As is usual with the marketing-savvy club, there is a happy hour on Fridays from 5-8, with free peanuts, cheap beer and cheap grill food, all under the heavens.

The full-wall mural on the Roppel Radiator building was painted by Elite Sign Co.