perhaps their best

Last of the Independents (Sire)
The Pretenders

By Kevin Gibson

One thing about the Pretenders is that they almost always find a way to put together a really cool, jangly-rock number to build an album around. The same is true for the cut "Night in My Veins," which is currently receiving radio play around Louisville as the band promotes its latest album, Last of the Independents.

In the past, Pretenders albums have tended to lose my attention after just a couple of listens, once that yummy, jangly tune got old. The latest release may last a little longer in my personal rotation, however.

While many of the cuts are downbeat, they are hardly boring. "All My Dreams," "Every Mother's Son," and "Revolution," (not the Beatles song) never come near the speed of a "Brass in Pocket," but tell tales of life and longing and carry tunes worthy of heavy listening.

The ballads "I'll Stand By You" and "Forever Young" fall flat, especially compared with the aforementioned, but the rocking "Hollywood Perfume" gets a thumbs-up, and "Love Colours," a woeful yarn of truth and betrayal, may be the best cut on the disc.

Pretenders fans need this one. Even skeptics could be converted by this one.