a clean running machine

Perpetual Motion Machine (EMI)

13 Engines

By Kevin Gibson

One thing 13 Engines gives the listener is a lot of bang for his or her buck. Fourteen songs on any album often means you can expect a couple of duds.

From the first boom of the bass until the final screeching guitar chord, however, this Toronto-based band pays in full.

Their fourth album to date, Perpetual Motion Machine, displays a ready versatility. This alternative rock band proves with this release it can play the heavy, driving rock numbers (such as the leadoff cut "Bred in Bone"), the tight, harmonic kickers ("Unconscience"), or the rhythmic, poetic rock ballad ("The Gold Age").

The lyrics are always thought-provoking and sometimes even shocking, as in "Saviour," a tale of when Jesus Christ himself suddenly appears on the six o'clock news.

It appears 13 Engines is poised to make its mark on the alternative rock scene. A few appearances on MTV's "120 Minutes" and some college-format radio play wouldn't hurt matters any, and this effort is certainly worthy of that kind of attention.