Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

Talk about a good thing coming to a screeching halt. This month has been slow for the all-ages scene.

I guess I should begin by talking about all of the big changes that have occurred over the past month. Probably the biggest change is that of Enkindel. The band has a new drummer, and a new bassist. The new members apparently learned most of the band's songs in two practices, and are ready to play out.

LG&E has just broken up; Scott Ritcher said that the band members were too busy with their real bands to make the project work. He also stated that the drummer became too difficult to work with, and that he refused to be in any other bands with him.

Speaking of Scott, Sunspring is still looking for a drummer, and now needs a bass player. It turns out that Jason Thompson decided to play second guitar for the band.

Crain has a new drummer, as well as a new release. If you're looking to find the new drummer on the release, don't bother; Jon Cook played drums on the recording. The record sounds very heavy, and moody. Don't listen to what the advertisements say; this record sounds nothing like Slint. Crain just played an all-ages show at Uncle Pleasant's with the Grifters. Crain played one of the most powerful and energetic sets I have seen them play in a long time. It's good to see Jon on the front line again.

Evergreen has been playing around a lot lately. They have really been trying to pinpoint their potential, which is very obvious because their sound is quite polished.

Guilt has returned to the scene, replacing bassist Chris McCoy with Telephone Man's Ashley State. They have recorded six songs for a ten-inch, which will be released on Initial Records within the next month. Guilt will be playing Tewligans on March 15 and April 24.

Cherub Scourge played an all-ages show with Kill. Drummer Jamie said that the show went great because there were no macho people there. They just released an EP on their own label and it sounds really good. If you enjoy bands like Mr. T Experience and the Ramones, I'd suggest you give it a listen.

Endpoint will be playing April 1 and 2 to finally release their album on the independent Doghouse label, now that Doghouse has finally gotten the loan they needed. We [Barlow is a member of Endpoint. — Editor.] apologize for the long delays, considering it was recorded in the spring of 1993.

Rodan will be releasing their record on April 1 also, so you should probably buy that little gem when it is released. Bill Edwards' music shop has started to carry some local music; if you live nearby, you can check there if you don't feel like driving to the Highlands.

WQMF called Slamdek about getting some local music for the station, while The FOX still refused to talk to Endpoint about airplay.

I haven't heard a peep out of Bush League lately; are you out there Buz?

Big Wheel's surviving members are in a group called Starbilly, which pretty much takes up where the band left off.

Falling Forward and Enkindel are getting ready to record for a new album. Second Nature is still looking for a singer, if anyone is interested. Erchint has added Dedbolt's Greg Coats on second guitar, and vocalist B.J. Payne. They have been playing around lately to break in the new lineup.

Well, I guess that is about it for this month. I think things will pick up after