Country Style
By Jan Winders

Here we are in the month of March already, watching for the famous tulips and daffodils to start popping up.

Spring fever is just around the corner; get ready. You start hearing the stereos turned up louder than usual. But these days, it's the low riders and the chromed cars with "No Fear" written on the back window. Country music has been invaded by the teenager and I LOVE IT!!!

It's time to take my monthly trip to Nashville and play catch-up on what's happening in the country news. Of course this is my favorite place to visit. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. I'm glad it's me being the lucky one.

Congratulations go out to our No. 1 station in Louisville — WAMZ — and the volunteers who helped make the St. Jude's radiothon a big success. More than $160,000 was raised. Teamwork and a lot of love and caring is what country is all about. Just listening to some of those small children describing the pain the cancer causes them brought tears to my eyes and aching in my heart. The parents' stories of help from St. Jude's made you want to send in your pledge. THANKS, WAMZ, for getting involved. God Bless You, St. Jude's!!

By now you may already know that Fan Fair is SOLD OUT. But if you want to take a vacation at Fan Fair time you can still have a super time in Nashville. There will be free concerts all week long throughout the city. Call and try to get your reservation now. You don't have to go to Fan Fair to see the stars.

Reba McEntire is trying to take the bite out of crime in her own way. She is exchanging concert tickets for guns. That's right, turn in a gun and get a free ticket to see her show.

Look for my buddy Travis Tritt on VH1. He will be hosting a scheduled thirty-week video and interview show. No, he hasn't stopped touring. VH1 will be following him from concert to concert to tape his featured personality for airing on their show. Busy, busy!

Mike McQuire, the drummer for Shenandoah is engaged to one of the actresses on the daytime soap "All My Children." Congratulations!

Marty Stuart has a new band: the Rock 'n' Roll Cowboys. Stuart is a very respected musician, songwriter and singer in the music business. His fan club boasts over 7,000 members, and growing. He will be performing at the Little Opry House in Nashville, Ind., June 25. For tickets call 812-988-2235. If you want to see him sooner and just can't wait, catch him at Coyote's April 7. Get your tickets early. This will be SOLD OUT!

Check out new Warner Bros. artist Faith Hill. She is beautiful and can sing with the best of them. The label sent me a copy of her album, Take Me As I Am, and I was very impressed. She is one of the top up-and-coming STARS.

I want to thank everyone for all the letters telling me how much they enjoy my column. Keep reading and enjoying.