Field Trip

By Paul Moffett

"We were going to get some printing done and needed a name," laughed Kevin Kelton, 26, vocalist for Field Trip.

"We had wanted to use His Boy Elroy, but that was already taken." One of the band members had a McDonald's Happy Meal with the words "Field Trip" on the back. Thus the band Field Trip was christened.

The current group has been together for five months. Besides Kelton, there is Jeff Faith, 24, on bass; Gregg Clark, 21, drummer; and Keith Bohnet, 26, guitarist. They got together by the usual odd paths that musicians take to come together.

Kelton played with The Commons; Faith was doing a solo acoustic act a la danny flanigan. Kelton and Faith were roommates and because Kelton needed a bassist, Faith took up the instrument. Gregg Clark played with the Velcro Pygmies earlier on, then joined Bohnet on Whatever Will.

Kelton has been doing bar gigs for three years. Before that, he sang in chorus and theater. Then he heard Sam Anderson and danny flanigan sing "Amazing Grace" at flanigan's "Monkey Hour" at Dutch's. He was hooked, he said.

The music the band plays is college rock, mostly Pearl Jam, Meat Puppets, Flaming Lips and similar material.

They are hoping to get everybody involved in writing and then begin to work up some original material. Faith and Kelton have been writing for several years, Bohnet brings in riffs and Clark has written a few tunes.

The covers pay the bills, however, and the band wants the crowd to come and have a good time.

"We're having a good time on stage and we hope that the audience will have a good time, too."

Field Trip will be appearing at the Golden Nugget in April.