Newsical Notes
By Jean Metcalfe

All photos by Jean Metcalfe

After living in our first and only home (in the Highview area) for just a few weeks shy of 30 years, my husband Tom and I moved to Crestwood just a week before the March newsletter/newspaper deadline. The weather was perfect for the move and our Prez was on hand to help us carry heavy boxes and set up the LMN/LASC office.

Former LASC Board member Ronnie Dee played banjo with the Riverfront Ramblers. On guitar, right, is Ed Adams.

However, midst all the hubbub I didn't find time to round up many Newsical Notes for this issue. (Nor remember to attend the Board of Trustees meeting — a first for me — on the 15th; the fatigue of the first day of moving clouded my memory. My apologies to the faithful ones who showed up and carried on. There, now I feel better.)

I did check my mail numerous times but didn't find any letters or post cards containing news of what's happening with any of our members.

LASC founding member Dave Evans performs with the "ecumenical acoustic" group Zen Penguin. Pictured on the right is Joe Ford, an occasional member of the LASC.

I've told you my news, now you tell me yours. (Hmmm, wonder if there's a song in there somewhere.)

And if you've already told me yours and I didn't tell our readers, tell me again. Better still, put it in writing. Sometimes I just enjoy chatting with you and don't think of what I hear as news items. I'm funny that way.

Several current and former members and/or friends of the LASC helped the East End Coffeehouse celebrate its first anniversary on Feb. 5. Familiar faces on stage included Ronnie Dee, Dave Evans, John Gage, Prez Paul Moffett, Jonathan Miller, and Bob Rosenthal.

Jonathan Miller has been a regular at the East End Coffeehouse Open Stage.

And, if I'm not mistaken, Jon was the talent coordinator for the event, drawing from performers who had appeared on previous showcases. A fun evening.

Look for more Co-opers to perform at the East End Coffeehouse in the coming months. (The President would like to add that he will be performing two hours in April, the first time he has played out at length in some time.)

By the way, the coffeehouse is located in the Ascension Lutheran Church, 13725 Shelbyville Rd. Check it out.

Happy eighth birthday to the LASC! The Co-op was officially 'born' on March 19, 1986. Come to our meeting on March 21 and maybe we'll have a little cake. Or a big cake.