local duo delivers the goods

Chasing a Rainbow (self-produced)

Walker & Kays
with David Crites

By Todd Hildreth

If you've followed any part of Walker & Kays' long career, you'll find their latest effort, Chasing a Rainbow, a superb representation of what they do best. Flying out to L.A. and recruiting the producing talents of Bernie Grundman, they've come up with a state-of-the-art recording highlighting the group in their finest moments.

Long-time followers will recognize a few tunes from their standard repertoire ("The Lady's in Love with You," "St. Thomas," "Just in Time") and will be treated to a couple of new originals.

On the old stuff the group has never sounded better. "Two Rights Will Always Make a Wrong," a Kays original, is one of the strongest cuts on the recording. "Rainbow," the other original, features some fine soloing from Louisville's own Jon Topy on trombone. As always, the arrangements are clever and interesting, and the vocals are right on.

If vocal jazz is your thing, check out this latest effort by Louisville's answer to the Manhattan Transfer.