menacing . . . fanatic . . . kinetic

Heater (Restless/Automatic Wreckords)

By Kory Wilcoxson

Louisville boys Crain (Jason Hayden, Jon Cook and Tim Furnish) have the reputation of being one of the area's loudest and best products. Heater ensures that the crown stays firmly on their head.

From the opening jagged riffs and shouts of "Rough skin, burnt flesh" on "Foot Sanding," Crain cranks it out full throttle, knocking down doors and kicking holes in walls.

But don't think the chaos is without skill; the music has a definite purpose, and Crain displays a good amount of know-how on tunes like "Valium and Alcohol" and "Knock Yer Daylights Out."

All of the songs on Heater are driven by menacing guitars and fanatic drums played with dangerously high levels of kinetic energy. "Hey Cops!" is notably brutal, with Cook yelling "Hey cops, don't beat the s— out of me!" on top of a chainsaw guitar riff from Furnish. It's the kind of stuff that keeps Louisville on the musical map.