Earl's Pearls
By Earl Meyers

What do Bill Ede, Debbie Hupp, Lisa Palas, Jean Metcalfe, Charlie Walls and James Dean Hicks have in common? If your guess is that they are all songwriters, you are right. And, I might add, they have written many fine songs, such as Ede's "Brother's Keeper" and Hupp's "You Decorated My Life."

All have ties to the Bluegrass State? Right again. And all have backed up one of the strongest collective voices in Washington, D.C., to protect songwriters' rights as members of Nashville Songwriters Association International for five or more years. They all have a keen sense of direction and are focused on their future as a songwriter. You don't even have to ask about that one or how much it means to them to have NSAI as a dependable friend.

Every serious songwriter should be on the NSAI bandwagon and take advantage of the many benefits that Bill, Debbie, Lisa, Jean, Charlie and James have enjoyed, along with 41 other current Kentucky members. They know that songs without a voice do not pay the piper.

Next Louisville NSAI meetings: are held on Monday nights at Deer Park Baptist Church, 1733 Bardstown Rd., one-half mile south of Eastern Parkway and two miles north of Interstate 264 (Watterson Expressway). For more information, including dates of meetings, call 452-1996.