sophomore effort: subtle,

Under the Pink (Atlantic)
Tori Amos

By Kory Wilcoxson

One thing is for sure about Tori Amos: her music will never be confused with anyone else's. As soon as you hear the soft tinkling of the piano keys and that ethereal voice, there's no doubting the source of the divine sound.

After establishing herself in the upper level of original music makers with Little Earthquakes, she returns with the gem-filled Under the Pink.

With "God" scoring high on the alternative charts, Amos can rest assured she hasn't been forgotten. Not that her music is forgettable; actually, it tends to be haunting, lingering in the recesses of your mind. Under the Pink possesses such spirits.

"God" is not representative of the contents of this album because of its up tempo and assertive nature. Most of the songs are subtle in approach and elegant in delivery.

Amos' simple piano is a beautiful compliment to her poetic lyrics on songs like "Pretty Good Year" and "Baker Baker." Amos is careful not to get lofty; she balances the intensity of her ballads with songs like "The Wrong Band" and "Cornflake Girl," which are serious without being heavy.