edgy and nary a hook

Deconstruction (American Recordings),


By Kory Wilcoxson

Aside from playing in the now defunct Jane's Addiction and the always funky Red Hot Chili Peppers, guitarist Dave Navarro found some free time on his hands. So he lent his talents to this muddled, unfocused album.

Navarro fans expecting something sounding like either of his other groups are in for a surprise, pleasant or otherwise. Playing with both Perry Farrell and the Peppers can take a lot of energy out of a guy and on Deconstruction. Navarro is content to lay back and let his fingers do a little walking.

Lead vocals and songwriting is left up to Eric Avery, who mixes descriptive lyrics with an ominous baritone, giving the album a somber, pessimistic feel.

Deconstruction's songs are edgy and rambling and there's not a hook to be found on the whole album. Navarro seems content to offer up something fairly inaccessible as a form of escaping the popularity of his old and his new band.