By Paul Moffett

September 5 – Contest listening session. Attendance limited to members of the LASC and guests who have not entered the songwriting contest. Please be prepared to attend the entire session.

September 19 – Critique session and discussion about the November Seminar.


New Members

New members who have joined the LASC since June are:

#494. Stuart Wimsett from Louisville. Stuart has attended several meetings and brought a couple of tunes for critique. He works for the Phoenix Hill Tavern.

#495. Joe Kail from Louisville. Joe joined the LASC and played the August Showcase. See story about the Showcase.

#496. Don King from Louisville. Don attended the last meeting in August.

#497. Rita Beach who lives in Dry Ridge and is a working performer. She has attended several meetings.

#498. David Cole from Bedford, Ind. Dave was at the last meeting in August and is a performer with connections to the Indiana University folk musicological scene.

#499. Leslie Boylan from Louisville .Leslie has attended a couple of meetings in the company of Stuart Wimsett.

#500. Rita Riggs from New Albany. Rita is a piano teacher and was at the last meeting in August

#501. Jimmie Boblitt from Louisville, who has not been to meeting yet. Jimmie has a cassette of his material out.

#502. Gene Carrington, from Cisne, Ill. Gene joined the LASC in conjunction with entering a number of songs in the contest.

Welcome to the LASC, folks. We hope you get great benefit from your association with us.

Renewing Members

Members who have renewed since June

#475, Louie Cate, from Alexandria, VA; #474, John Caudill, from Louisville; #419, Tony Cestaro; #380, Linda Gower; #167, Jo Ann Hatcher; #472, Bryan Hurst; #171, Rhonda (Rainwater) Smith; #89, Susan Tomes; and #355, Cheryl Woods.

Welcome to all renewing members.