Scene Report: All Ages

By Duncan Barlow

With our warm weather comes a new life in the Louisville music scene. It is good to know that the scene has finally come out of hibernation. There have been some exciting releases, as well as much exciting news to tell.

The first release of the season was Metroshifter's 7-inch on Foresight Records, which is based in Madison, Wis. The 7-inch contains two of the band's more popular new songs. Metroshifter will be recording this May in Chicago with Bob Weston, who also recorded Rodan, for a full-length on Doghouse Records.

Enkindel finally released their long-awaited 7-inch on Initial records, a label in Detroit, Mich. They had an album release party at Us Versus Them record store. The compact disc of the release should be in Louisville by the time you read this. Enkindel plans to record a full-length this summer.

Wino has released their first 7-inch. Arron Hodge, the band's vocalist, told me that it really is not an accurate representation of the band, because they have changed musically since the time they recorded the 7-inch.

Various members from The Indignant Few are planning to start a new band; rumor has it that it will be closer to East Bay bands like the Queers than to their old style of music.

Here is the really big news that I am probably not supposed to tell, but I will anyway: Kinghorse is back together. The band will be playing at the Brewery soon, but they are reunited without their original bassist, Mike [Bacayu], who owns Blue Moon record store.

Nyx has a self-released tape called Phantasia. It seems that these people are having a really tough time breaking in around Louisville, so if you have the spare time you might want to check them out. The tape reminds me of old Tears for Fears with a slightly heavier guitar sound. The tape is actually a solo project, but Nyx is really a band. If you are in a band and are looking for an opener you might want to get in touch with Nyx.

I made a mistake last month: I said. that Kill was released on Three Little Girls, when the second 7-inch was originally released on Better Days Records.

This brings me to the saddest news of this year. The Slamdek Record company has called it quits; After almost a decade of producing quality products Scott Ritcher finally lost interest in the project, saying that it lost its fun and he did not feel right about charging people for his music. So I must take this time to thank Scott and everybody ever involved in Slamdek for their time and effort and for giving so many bands achance. Louisville will definitely feel the loss.

Endpoint or actually Doghouse — will be having an album release party for the final Endpoint release on April 1. I am excited for this final release to come out for two reasons. The first being that it ties the bow on the coffin of Endpoint and the second reason is that I think it was the band's best release to date, or at least really close to it.

The Metroshifter show with Samuel and Amaroq was canceled at the Grand for odd reasons that still are not quite clear to the public. For some reason the owner never showed to open the doors, so the show was moved into a basement. This was actually a very nice thing because the show was very personal. Amaroq played first and had a very nice set. Rob was a little more emotional than he had been at their first show. Metroshifter was a little shaky. Kevin from Rodan played drums and Scott was highly emotional. Samuel played last and almost everyone at the show seemed to really enjoy this touring band.

This April 8 Guilt will be playing at the Grand with Starbilly and the Web. Guilt will also be playing in May, possibly with Shellac, Metroshifter and Mt. Shasta.

In June Neurosis might come whirling through, providing the contracts work out with the club.

Avail will be playing with Amaroq soon.

Well, I suppose that is all for this month.

I know that next month I will have many shows to review, so the article will be more exciting. Remember to listen to the local music shows and especially Sellout Louisville Style on WQMF Too starting at nine o'clock on Sunday nights.

And Slamdek's final project, the Slamdek Rockers field hockey team, is playing on weekends. You can stop in at ear X-tacy for information.