Michael sure likes it

You Gotta Love That! (Atlantic)
Neal McCoy

By Michael W. Stout

Neal McCoy fans awaiting the followup to his smash breakthrough album, No Doubt About It, can't help but love You Gotta Love That, McCoy's fourth Atlantic release. This is an album you'll instantly fall in love with, all 33 minutes worth.

Not one of the ten cuts will leave a bad taste in your mouth. As a matter of fact, if you could eat music, this album would be the most unforgettable hot fudge sundae you ever sank your teeth into.

You ll find yourself immediately singing along with tunes such as "Y-O-U," "Plain Jane," and the first single, "For A Change." And the true cherry topping on this country sundae is "Twang," this album's "Wink" (or "Wank," as McCoy sings). His gal's drawl really sweeps him off his feet: "She talks to my heart when she talks that twang."

This is a fun CD worth playing over and over. You ll love McCoy's powerful, energetic and truly genuine good-ole-boy vocals just as you would that two-ton sundae. Sit back, prop your feet up, press the play button and PIG OUT!