Charlie Rich: Remembering When

By Earl Meyers

When I heard about Charlie Rich dying at age 62 on July 25, the song "The Most Beautiful Girl" (written by Norris Wilson, Billy Sherrill and Rory Bourke) came to mind. My future wife and I had broken up, and Charlie's great vocal rendition of this song played on my mind a lot; it has always been special to me since. Songs have a way of doing that sometimes.

Charlie, an Arkansas farmer-turned-singer, a former rocker-turned-country, eventually had his biggest success, the cross-over hit "The Most Beautiful Girl," at the peak of his long roller-coaster career.

I've heard singers thank the writers of songs that elevated them to their highest pinnacle. Charlie must have thanked Norris, Billy and Rory many times over as writers, and the writers, as they often do, must have thanked Charlie many times as well.

I want to thank all of them for making a moment in my life more special.